Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah's Hello Kitty 2nd Birthday Party

This was the first family birthday party we've had for our girls and we realized just how big our two families really are these days. Sarah was so excited. She just kept saying, "Two Grandmas, Three Grandpas". Sarah ended up with two cakes, one for her and one for everyone else.

Sarah eating her very own Pooh Bear Cake with a fork. I think this was the cleanest self-eating experience she has ever had.

The Hello Kitty Cake

Katelyn Cookie Decorating with McKell

The Finished Product

3 Grandpas

Half of Starley Siblings

Katelyn being the proud sister (she was so good but I think she thought it was a party for both of them).

Sarah in her new princess costume

Grandma holding the look-a-likes Lexie and Sarah.


Heather, Dan, and Family said...

So fun! We wish we could have been there. Happy Birthday Sarah dear!

Shannon said...

Look at all of that hair Sarah is getting! I can't believe that she is looks like it was such a fun party, and I love the hello kitty cake!

adventure knitter said...

Is Sarah really two? crazy! hey, you need to post a belly shot!