Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gymnastics Class

We started Katelyn in gymnastics for a few weeks. I don't think we will continue because suddenly the price quoted and the price after all the registration fees and first and last months tuition, etc just sounded a bit much for a 3 year old. She does love it though so...we'll have to see if I cave. They were really darling with her. She stretched, went on the rings, the jumping pit, the trampoline, and what seemed more like an obstacle course. We've been working on backbends at home, and Katelyn begs every morning if she can go to tumbling class. Sarah could not be left out of couse, so we dressed her up and after Katelyn was settled, made a Mommy and Me trip to the icecream store (read 39 cent cones at the drive-thru gas station). She was just fine with her special day too!

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