Thursday, July 16, 2009

Annual Park City Back to School Day

This is the first year in a long time that I have been able to join my sister-in-laws for a day of shopping. My mom gives all her girls a set amount of money to spend at the outlets in Park City for back to school clothes. We stocked up on fun stuff for me and the girls and even found a nice work shirt for Nate. It was one of those crazy shopping experiences that I have rarely had (being an only daughter) where I can try something on and I have a posse of girls to give their support or suggest something better. It was great! The best part is my mom watches all her grandkids while us mom's go shopping. Yep that makes Hunter and 6 granddaughters all by herself. This year Jackie came with the mom's cause she's a teenager or it would have been 7 granddaughters. My mom's a good sport cause we left at 9am and didn't come back until 5:30pm. We got her some yummy chocolates from Harry and David's but I am not sure that equals out...
Here's the goods:

Lots of accessories like hats, shoes, jammies, panties (cross your fingers for potty training success), clippies. All the merchandise for the girls is matching (of course). I found some darling corduroy dresses for church and some fun summer clothes and sundresses for them. I myself stocked up on workout clothes, pants, shirts, two dresses, belt, sunglasses, makeup, you name it. It was like a day of being Cinderella at the ball. Thanks again Mom!


kate said...

wow, what a treat! that sounds wonderful, and looks like you picked some darling things!

Trichelle said...

what fun. I'm putting myself up for adoption, well maybe this time next year! LOL, what a fun thing for you girls to do:)