Monday, November 24, 2008

Nate's Dog

Nate's sister Heather got Nate the Best Christmas Gift (the one he always wanted as a little boy) last year...a mechanical dog that barks and does back flips. Katelyn has been a little wary if not down right petrified of the thing so it has only been a hit with the adults. While playing with 11- month old Charlie today, she warmed up to Doggie. Yes 4 hours of yipping dog noises but it sure made my day easy! Sarah was rather excited herself! How easily us females are influenced by boys...

Notice they all have their very own toy...Charlie's barks and does flips, Sarah's rings and opens, Katelyn's winds up and shimmies!

Sarah's other best friend...

Thanks Grandma Starley for the darling Thanksgiving Clothes!

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