Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shout Out to Maryland

A Dinner with the Crowthers
B Feasting on Thai Beef Salad and packing
C Running in the Waterfalls at Cheesecake Factory in Columbia
D Encouraging Luke to sit up
E Impromptu party with MacDonald's, Hale's, and Eaton's. Thanks for taking care of us guys.

Thanks everyone for your help these last few weeks. What would we do without you? We had dinners, party's, farewell get together's, and lovely cards. Thanks everyone for caring. Thanks for those who helped with packing, moving, and moral boosting. Thanks Matt and Jenn for the many supplies, Amanda for finishing my to do list, MacDonald's for babysitting, feeding me, and loading the truck, Erin and Justin for the uplifting laughs, and Lis and Brooklyn for your nice hugs, and the Crowther's for a nice night. Cami and Rhett thanks so much for your awesome air mattress. Thanks Amber and Spencer for assuring us that we could fit all of our stuff into the 16 foot penske...it really did work amazingly enough. Oh and thanks Alan for turning around the framing in two days. It's absolutely stunning. I am so sorry if I left out a specific shout out. There were so many thoughtful activities and invitations this past month it would be impossible to get them all out there. We feel so blessed to have been a part of your lives. We came to Maryland not knowing what to expect and left feeling overwhelmed with admiration for so many wonderful people. We have so many experiences to look back on and smile about. Thank you. My awesome visiting teacher's left me a card that said "People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel." I think that was Maya Angelou but anyway thanks for making us feel at home in Maryland. Please feel free to visit us in our future homes.


AJ said...

So you guys are gone for good then? We thought you were coming back for a little bit. Oh well, good luck and we'll miss you.

kate said...

i'm getting nostalgic about leaving right now too. it's wonderful to hear about the good people you've come to know and love away from home, helps me feel hopeful. loved all the pictures! and yes, we must get together for a play date before you leave utah! how long are you here?

Starley Family said...

We came back on Mon and left on Sat so we didn't get to see anyone again at church. I was going to announce it was our last sunday during my talk but then we thought it might have distracted from the spirit.
Kate we are here until the latter part of june. We don't have a specific date yet though.

Chantal said...

I will miss you Stacey. Thanks for always havinga smile on your face. I'm glad to hear you had lots of help and support with the move. Good luck to you and your family.

Melinda said...

Bye! I loved the graduation photos too. Thanks.

Jayne said...

I will miss you Stacey. I loved talking to you and Jeff always like playing with Katelyn. We drove past your old house Monday and he started talking about going to see her. Hope you have fun out west. We will keep up with you through your blog and emails.

Justin & Erin Linton Family said...

Congratulations, We are right behind you in a few weeks. I am glad that all went well. Good luck with the move to CA, we hope to see you in UT, or CA. We are going to miss living so close.

Rachel Guymon said...

I saw someone with long, dark, beautiful hair today at church and for a second thought it was Stacey! I will miss not seeing your smiling face anymore. :( I think we should get Erin to plan a ten year reunion.