Thursday, November 15, 2007

7 things you don't know about me hmmm...

1. Hopefully most of you know this, but if not, I am an ameteur/professional artist. What you might not know, I have sold commissions but I prefer to do my own thing (if the price is right I lower my standards and can be hired). Currently I am working on a piece of my own for the LDS international art competition next fall.

-This is a portrait of my friend's mom who passed away last January. Being able to work freely on this piece has been one of the most rewarding art projects ever.

2. Even as an adult I am slightly scared of the dark. I would rather sleep with the windows open to let in moonlight than worry about being closed in. This is also due partly to my claustraphobic tendencies. Just ask Nate about my freakout when we moved into our first apartment and I somehow got wedged between the wall and side of our bed. Also along these lines I hate to back out of garages and car washes.

3. I really like Gerber Mixed baby cereal. I never stopped eating it when I was growing up and refused oatmeal so my mom thought "hmmm, if it's not broken don't fix it."

4. I am a huge fan of swing sets. Nate proposed to me on a swing in Mount Ogden Park. Our second date was swinging there while enjoying zuka juices (he didn't propose then, although I was pretty sure I wanted to get married at that point. I mean we were friends for 10 months before he asked me out).

5. It turns out I REALLY like to swim in the ocean and despite my uncoordinated and all out athleticly-challenged childhood have managed to compete in 3 5K's, one triathlon, and one half-marathon since getting married (the last two since Katelyn's birth).

6. I like to build things. Since moving to Maryland and meeting Holly Richins I have had a great time refinishing furniture. I started with a small project, my dining room table and chairs, then advanced to coffee table, crib, two dressers, and building a kitchen cabinet from scratch (Nate handled the tile cutter and a few other major parts but I did most of the work by myself). Also I have learned to sew here. I have made Katelyn's bassinet bedding, curtains, and numerous baby quilts.

7. Nate thinks I have an internal GPS system. I like maps and learning things about roads. My mom laughs because when I was 4 and moved from Roy to Huntsville, Utah (about 40 minutes) I memorized every cross road between the two houses "just in case I got separated from the family and needed to tell someone how to get me to my home." An interesting tidbit about federal roads, if you are ever wondering why freeways are designated the numbers they have...ask. The boundary line starts at point zero along the California and Mexico borders. So why do all the freeways along the east coast end in 95? Because they are along the 95 percentage of land from the California border. Why is I80 and I70 named that? Because they are 80 and 70% from the Mexican border. Usually state roads have similar stories from their respective border lines. Also if you ever notice exits off your freeway the number usually refers to the miles between exits from some border. Not all roads are made this way so don't take it for granted (take the New Jersey Turnpike for instance).

8. I made this number 8 because it seems to be common amoung my friends...I really like organizational lists, maps, and supplies. I draw an aerial view of a room prior to cleaning just so I can divide the room and have part of it checked off if I don't finish the entire project. I like to coordinate my clothes by the rainbow and least coverage to most (ie tanks to sweaters, skirts to dresses, shorts to pants).

Thanks for delving into my quirks. If you made it through the list and haven't been tagged before consider yourself tagged.


Amanda said...

Very interesting - the things you find out about people.....:-)

Katie said...

Truly fascinating. I've always noticed that you had MD roads pretty much figured out way before anyone else. I still don't know the names of roads per se - just how to get places. That's a funny story about how you memorized how to get from Roy to Hunstville when you were a teeny kid. I probably couldn't even describe that and I'm 29!

Starley Family said...

I forgot to say that I had two HUGE laminated 6' maps in my bedroom growing up, one of the US and one of the world. Interesting that I wasn't THAT great at Geography. I wonder where one interest started and then quickly detoured.

Nate and Lori said...

I wish I had your internal GPS system. I get lost every time I get in the car these days. Its become humorous. You're amzing for runing a half marathon. I need to do one at some point. It was fun to read about you.

Tia said...

I think I have know you a good 15 years and I didn't know any half of those things. I love your art work! You are so talented. You'll have to post some pictures of your art. I would love to see them!

mattnbeth said...

i love the things you build. so beautiful. and i didnt know you ate baby food still. thats too funny.

kate said...

what fun! i hope we can be neighbors again someday so you can help me learn to build things. what a useful and beautiful talent to have! i can't believe you map out your cleaning! for me it's more like "have i mopped the kitchen floor since we moved in?"
and the baby food thing is cool. i bet you don't even need a multivitamin! it's nice to know you better!

Erin said...

we are even more alike than i realized... i knew you were very artistic (your artwork is awesome mrs. starley... where do you find the time?), but you heart maps as well?? did you know i majored in geography and that i made maps for a living when i first graduated? we are bosom buddies.